Impossible List

The list below is a fluid and ever-evolving list of my current and future ambitions. This list will always be updated and worked on as it reflects my workable goals from many different focus areas in my life. This concept was borrowed from Thomas Frank at College Info Geek and originally created by Joel Runyon

Current Focus:

  • Graduate from Towson University degree with Master of Science in Applied Information Technology
  • Code everyday
  • Document all case study work for my Master’s on this blog and GitHub
  • Complete @P1XT’s Get Job ready Guide on FCC (Job ready guide)
    • Document all guide work on this blog and GitHub

My Impossible List


  • Run a 5k
  • Run a 10k
  • Complete a Warrior Dash
  • Complete a Tough Mudder
  • Complete a Spartan Race
  • Complete a Go Ruck Challenge
  • Run a CCFA half marathon
  • Able to complete 10 pull ups
  • Able to complete ten one-handed pushups
  • Learn Krav Maga

Personal Education:

  • Earn FCC’s Front End Certificate
  • Earn FCC’s Data Visualization Certificate
  • Earn FCC’s Back End Certificate
  • Earn FCC’s Full Stack Certificate
  • Complete @P1XT’s Computer Science and Web Development Comprehensive Path on FCC (Guide)
  • Complete @P1XT’s Get Job ready Guide on FCC (Job ready guide)
  • Complete @P1XT’s Video Game Programming Comprehensive Foundations Guide on FCC (Guide)
  • Learn Affinity Designer
    • Complete Mackenzie Child’s Design for Developers Course
    • Create personal logo
    • Learn proper web design
  • Learn Spanish (Fluently)
  • Learn Gaelic (Fluently)
  • Re-learn how to play guitar
  • Learn how to play piano
  • Complete full 100 days of code challenge starting on January 3, 2017


  • Visit the Vatican
  • Visit Scotland
  • Visit Ireland
    • Visit Trinity College Library
  • Road trip across CONUS
    • On motorcycle
    • Jeep
  • Go on an adventure bike race (dual-sport)
    • Adventure Rally – Rockies Edition
    • Adventure Rally – Sierra Edition
  • Live in Utah
  • Live in Colorado
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail

Professional Goals:

  • Secure first career job
    • Development or database related
  • Create professional portfolio website
    • On GitHub pages
    • Self-hosted site
  • Create code blog  (Completed: 1/2/2017)
    • Self-hosted blog
  • Get 1,000 blog visits
  • Self publish a book
  • Graduate from Towson University with Master of Science in Applied Information Technology
  • Create YouTube Channel
    • Code tutorials
    • Project walk-through
  • Create an animated short
  • Create an animated series
  • Create an open source learning community
    • For technical education
    • For classical education
  • Teach a course at one of my alma mater’s
  • Create a non-profit that makes and maintains websites/apps for other non-profits and small businesses
  • Start a FreeCodeCamp group in my local area

Lofty Personal Goals:

  • Retire by age 35
  • Pay off student loans by August 2018
  • Buy a homestead
  • Get a PhD
  • Read all suggested books in “A Well Educated Mind”
  • Completely give up all sugar and processed foods
  • Buy a triumph scrambler
  • Buy a jeep
  • Buy a klr-650

Service Goals:

  • Start a non-profit
  • Become a volunteer EMT
    • Train to go from EMT to Paramedic
  • Complete one service project every month
  • Volunteer every week



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